Love & Wardrobe


Accomplished Dreams

My first love is and will always be costuming and wardrobe. I started sewing and crafting with my Aunt when I was a young girl. It was in that point of my life that I was introduced to the theatrical realm of costume design and construction. From that point on I was hooked. I started out in community theater but have since worked my way into professional theatrical productions and entertainment companies, realizing my dreams of becoming a touring wardrobe manager.


Skill Set

Through my professional experience I have gained an increasingly vast number of technical and interpersonal skills. I am proficient in both hand and machine sewing, with the ability to produce quality work in short periods of time. I possess the strong groundwork of knowledge and organizational skill required to care for wardrobe in delicate detail. In my past work I have gained first hand experience in the handling and cleaning responsibilities that one must be familiar with in the demands of wardrobe management. As a dresser to equity actors, I am trained to execute all changes swiftly and with minimum stress. I have had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of artists from all parts the globe which has enabled me to work alongside people of all backgrounds and skill levels. In any position I hold, I strive to engage myself to not only learn from my team but to be a contributing associate to any production as a whole.   



My favorite aspect of my career is the opportunity to work among performers while managing a wardrobe crew. Instructing and providing top notch theatrical hospitality in wardrobe has become a great skill and passion of mine. With each theatrical opportunity I obtain, I allow myself to dive deeper into the art of wardrobe and strive to provide every production with a positive and professional experience.