Love & Wardrobe

My first love will always be for costumes and wardrobe. I first started sewing and crafting with my Aunt when I was a little girl. Then I was introduced to the  theatrical realm of costuming design and construction, and from there I was hooked. I started out in community theater and worked my way to professional theatrical productions. 

Skill Set

Through my professional experience I have gained strong interpersonal skills to be able to work with a wide variety of people, and perform my work diligently, back stage or in a sewing shop. I am proficient in both hand, and machine sewing with the ability to produce quality work in short periods of time. I keep a strong groundwork of organization, and knowledge to care for a wardrobe in delicate detail. In my past work, I have also had the professional experience of handling the cleaning responsibilities that one must know in the demands of handling a wardrobe, from scrubbing and cleaning fine fabrics, to arranging a dry-cleaning schedule. As a dresser to equity actors, I am trained to accomplish all changes swiftly and with minimum stress. In any position I obtain, I strive to engage myself to not only learn from my team but to be a contributing associate to any production as a whole.   


One of the favorite aspects of my career is working among actors and performers, whether it be sketching their costume for the first time or prepping them before they go on stage. With every theatrical opportunity I obtain, I allow myself to dive deeper into the art of wardrobe, simultaneously creating an emotional connection in character development that can only be created with the elements of wardrobe.